Lead Data Scientist

In the Client Data and Analytics team, we develop (advanced) analytics use cases to improve the client knowledge as well as support other departments in their data science needs
  • As Lead Data Scientist,
    • I take in charge data science projects (using machine learning, text mining, web scraping, network analytics, time series, ...) and handle the stakeholder relation
    • I technically coach the other data scientists and analysts around software programming, data science methodology, techniques and in content sharing (storytelling, visualization, ...)
    • I participate in the data science roadmap creation and use cases sourcing
    • I'm Product owner on the development of internal data science tools
  • Innovation ambassador in the company: meet & challenge start-ups, participate in a fintech innovation program at Vlerick, exchange around innovation, participate in an ICMIF High Performance Course
  • Python, R, SAS, SQL, Machine learning, Innovation
P&V Group
09/2017 - Now

Data Scientist

  • as part of the Advanced Predictive and Analytics team, I provide advanced analytical support to the bank by analysing and modelling (big) data sets
  • ING analytics community development
  • Python, Spark, machine learning, scala, d3.js, R, ...
ING Belgium
07/2016 - 08/2017

Business Intelligence/Data Scientist Consultant

  • Large data set analysis, modelling, manipulations and visualization to help the client to answer strategic and tactical questions
  • 6 projects for 5 clients (start-up, banking, insurance, R&D with ministry, logistics) in data science, business intelligence and data integration.
  • R, Qlikview, Hadoop, Python, Spark, machine learning, d3.js, ...
Business & Decision
02/2015 - 06/2016

Data Scientist, PhD student in particle physics

  • Data Analysis: Search for new particles in the CMS experiment data, CERN
  • Team supervision and contact for the simulation in the CMS SiStrip tracker
  • International team collaboration and communication
  • Chairman of the research center seminars and representative for the institute scientific personnel
  • Knowledge transmission and vulgarisation
CP3 (UCLouvain)
FRIA Grant
09/2010 - 12/2014

Internship in CMS

  • Data analysis and algorithms improvements


Fintech Consortium Program (4 modules)

  • Artificial Intelligence - Building truth machines (Blockchain & DLT technologies)
  • Fieldtrip Paris Fintech Forum 2020
  • Digital transformation & leadership – Platform business models – Non-market strategy
  • Change Management – Strategy in turbulent times
Vlerick Business School
Jun. 2020

Online Certifications

  • R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data, Exploratory Data Analysis
(Johns Hopkins University)
Dec. 2014

PhD Student lectures Particle physics oriented

  • BND graduate school in particle physics, Sept. 2011, Hoenderloo (Nl)
  • Data-Mining
2010- 2012

MSc in physics

  • Experimental physics oriented: Data-analysis, detectors, ...
  • Thesis consisting in a CERN experiment data analysis
2005- 2010

Computer Skills

Good , Medium, Notions, Superficial (low or old knowledge)
  • Data Analysis

    Python Spark Scala Machine Learning Open Source C++ (Data Analysis) Bash script Jupyter Command line QlikView SAS R SQL D3.js Git JSON Excel Web scraping MongoDB Neo4j Spotfire Matlab Tableau
  • Web development

    php JavaScript HTML5 & CSS3 jQuery, jQuery Mobile Angular.js
  • Others

    Linux Java AWS (Lambda, Lex, Textract, s3) perl Powerpoint MS Word VIM Gimp Inkscape LaTeX VHDL

Outside work interests

  • The smile of my wife and my little girl
  • Broaden my knowledge and keep my mind open to the outside
  • Be up-to-date and test the technical and analytics developments in data science
  • Leather craft


  • Oral Presentations:

    • Invited talk at Vertex2013, Lake Starnberg (Germany), “Overview of the CMS Strip and Pixel detector”, September 2013
    • Phenomenology symposium 2013, Pittsburgh (US-PA), "Searches for Long-lived Charged Particles in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 and 8 TeV at CMS ”, May 2013
  • Posters:

    • Belgian Physical Society meeting 2013 (Louvain-la-Neuve), "Searches for Long-lived Charged Particles in pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 and 8 TeV at CMS", 22 May 2013
    • LHCC Meeting (CERN), "Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV", March 2011
  • BND graduate school in particle physics, Sept. 2011, Hoenderloo (Nl) (no talk)


As a CMS member, I'm co-author of all CMS papers since April 2011, but was an active contributor to: